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Cambium Networks ePMP Sector Antenna
5 GHz, 90/120 Degree Sector with Mounting Kit

Cambium Networks ePMP Sector Antenna

Cambium Networks Products
ePMP 2000 Interferences
ePMP 2000 5GHz 90/120° Sector Antenna
Our Price: $251.85
ePMP 3000 4x4 MU-MIMO Sector Antenna
Our Price: $458.85

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Cambium Networks has deployed more than five million radios around the world achieving unparalleled degrees of scalability. Based on this vast experience, Cambium Networks has designed an antenna solution that enables network operators to increase the spectral efficiency and scale of their ePMP point-to-multipoint (PMP) distribution access networks. Wireless Service Providers deploying networks in 5 GHz spectrum will find this sector antenna for 90° and 120° applications especially well-suited for high-density networks requiring frequency re-use and wide-band spectrum coverage.

With a compact design featuring integrated ePMP Access Point and ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna mounting, a very high Front-to-Back Ratio of 35 dB, and a wide frequency range, the ePMP Sector Antenna is the perfect partner for ePMP 2000. The ePMP Sector Antenna also features excellent null fill, to allow subscribers at all ranges from...

Key Deployment Advantages:

  • Frequency Reuse: Designed for ABAB channel re-use (two channels covering four sectors), the sector antenna has 35 dB front to back ratio including a wide aperture in the rear-facing direction.
  • Channel Flexibility: Consistent gain from 4.9 to 6.0 GHz allows the operator to select a channel anywhere in the band and achieve the expected performance.
  • Consistent Coverage: Excellent null fill capabilities of the antenna allow for broad geographical coverage within a sector even near the base of the tower and the edges of the sector.
  • Designed for the Installer: Small compact design, integrated ePMP radio mount and GPS antenna integration.
  • Predictable Performance: The sector antenna is integrated into Cambium Networks LINKPlanner. The 3D model shows coverage at all elevations and across the azimuth.

Key Specifications:

  • 18 dBi gain
  • 4.9 to 5.97 GHz spectrum
  • 35 dB front to back ratio
  • IP 65 ruggedization

ePMPePMP 2000 Solutions:

So long, interference

Cambium Networks’ ePMP 2000 takes interferencetolerant, high performance, and reliable wireless broadband to a new level with innovative technology and proven, deployed-worldwide equipment, keeping you and your customers happy for an affordable price.

ePMP 2000 is built from the ground up to provide high performance, reliably, in real-world interference-heavy environments. Powered by innovative Hypure™ technology, ePMP 2000 incorporates Smart Beamforming and Intelligent Filtering to help you deliver the services your customers expect in the face of heavy interference.

With the feature-rich ePMP foundation including frequency reuse enabled by GPS Synchronization, eFortify, 120 active subscribers per access point and 200+ Mbps of real-world achievable throughput, ePMP 2000 is designed, built and tested to reliably connect people, places, and things.

Example Use Cases

Wireless Service Providers (WISPs)

  • Rural connectivity
  • Municipal connectivity
  • Enterprise and campus connectivity


  • Wireless video surveillance networks
  • Industrial and mining applications
  • LAN extension

End-to-End Performance

ePMP encompasses a comprehensive range of subscriber modules, access points, and sector antennas to make sure your network performs at its best, from end-to-end.

Top Line Specifications

  • Reliable, consistent performance in real-world conditions
  • 5, 10, 20, and 40 MHz channel bandwidths
  • 200+ Mbps of real-world throughput
  • Up to 120 active subscribers per access point
  • Secure over-the-air communications (128-bit AES encryption)
  • Industry leading frequency reuse via GPS Synchronization
  • Configurable QoS for voice, video, and data
  • Up to 64km deployment range
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint options (software configurable)
  • End-to-end cloud management with cnMaestro™

Why ePMP?

Consistent Performance
With industry-leading tolerance to handle outside interference, Automatic Transmit Power Control to control self-interference, and a proven worldwide ePMP MAC scheduling algorithm, ePMP provides consistent performance, no matter how many subscribers are connected. And thanks to Air Fairness, when one subscriber is performing poorly, it doesn’t drag the rest down.

Frequency Refuse
Take that precious spectrum and multiply it across your network. With frequency reuse enabled by GPS Synchronization, ePMP scales to more customers with less spectrum, letting you expand your business while keeping your customers happy. Deployed worldwide and proven over years, it’s the secret ingredient to a scalable network.

Return on Investment
Many operators find when they deploy a network, as it expands over time, they have to redesign it with new equipment once the number of subscribers reaches a certain point, ruining their return on investment plans. With ePMP, affordable doesn’t mean cheap; build your network to last, from the start.

Application Flexibility
Configurable Quality of Service for voice, video, and data lets you offer the services your customers want at the level of service they need. Combined with adaptable modes of configuration that let you support many combinations of bandwidth allocation and latency, a network built on ePMP can handle any application.

Wireless networks are insecure, right? Well, they don’t have to be. With 128-bit AES encryption for all data transmitted across the wireless link, L2 and L3 firewall functionality, and secure management interfaces, ePMP won’t be the weak link in your security chain.

By combining highly reliable software, hardware and protocols, ePMP is designed to provide the best service possible for your customers for the long term. Industrial design and industrial-grade components mean your network stays up.

What is Hypure?

ePMP 2000 uses innovative Hypure technology from Cambium Networks. It’s comprised of Smart Beamforming and Intelligent Filtering.

Smart Beamforming

With the optional ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna, Smart Beamforming virtually eliminates the impact of uplink co-channel interference. This has a dramatic effect on the network capacity, with up to 8x uplink throughput increases over ePMP 1000 in real-world conditions. By improving the uplink capacity, overall network performance is substantially increased.

Smart Beamforming dynamically creates a narrow, targeted beam to each subscriber, blocking out interference from other sources.

Smart Beamforming

Intelligent Filtering

Built into the ePMP 2000 Access Point, Intelligent Filtering offers up to 20% uplink throughput increases over ePMP 1000 in real-world conditions. By blocking out adjacent channel interference, your network can focus on the signals it wants to hear rather than being distracted by all the noise around them.

Intelligent Filtering creates a dynamic filter, which wraps around the channel in use, shielding it from others.

Intelligent Filtering


ePMP Sector Antenna Specifications
Frequency Range 4.9 GHz to 5.97 GHz
Gain 18 dBi
3 dB Beamwidth - Azimuth 90 degrees
6 dB Beamwidth - Azimuth 120 degrees
3 dB Beamwidth - Elevation 6 degrees
Electrical Downtilt -2 degrees
Polarization Horizontal and Vertical
Port-to-Port Isolation > -30 dB
Front-to-Back Ratio 35 dB
Mazimum Input Power 5 W
Input Impedance 50 ohms
Mounting Connectors 2 x RP SMA
Mounting Hardware Included for mounting to mast diameters 2" to 4" (5 cm to 10 cm)
-10 to +5 degree tilt
Hardware included to connect ePMP access point to back of antenna body
Physical Dimensions Antenna Body: 23.4 (H) x 6.2 (W) x 4.3 (D) inches (594 x 157 x 110 mm)
w/ ePMP1000 Access Point: 23.4 (H) x 6.2 (W) x 5.9 (D) inches (594 x 157 x 150 mm)
Weight Antenna Body: 8.8 lbs. (4.0kg)
w/ ePMP1000 Access Point and Mounting Brackets: 14.6 lbs. (6.6 kg)
Environmental IP65
Radome Material UV Protected ABS
Operating Temperature -40° to 60° C (-40° to 140° F)

Antenna Patterns:

Antenna Pattern


Angled View

Side View

Rear View


Download the Cambium Networks ePMP Sector Antenna Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

Cambium Networks Products
ePMP 2000 Interferences
ePMP 2000 5GHz 90/120° Sector Antenna
Our Price: $251.85
ePMP 3000 4x4 MU-MIMO Sector Antenna
Our Price: $458.85